What Does a Fox Tattoo Mean? 1001 Artistic Tattoos For Women

The tall species in legends are famous for being agile, intelligent, wise and very scheming. Therefore, many people feel that tattoos of this animal bring many positive meanings in life. Helps you stay strong, courageous, overcome many difficulties and challenges and avoid being harmed by bad people. The article below will summarize for you the most beautiful fox tattoos, chosen by many people.

The fox is not an animal loved and raised by humans, but it cannot be denied that this is a very attractive animal. In the natural world, foxes are animals that can adapt to new living environments quickly. Therefore, this animal tattoo has the meaning of cunning, intelligence, cleverness, calculation and cunning.

In addition, foxes are also related to foxes, this animal has a strong vitality, has 9 tails corresponding to 9 lives. Not only that, but it also has an extremely charming, proud beauty that touches people’s hearts. Therefore, many young girls choose this tattoo with the hope of having charm and sexiness like foxes.

Fox tattoos are loved by many people

That’s why some people with strong personalities especially love fox tattoos. The image of this animal is expressed by tattoo artists in a very sophisticated and meticulous way, bringing a charming and unique beauty. They hope that when they tattoo this drawing on their bodies, their lives will turn to a new page, more favorable in both work and love.

If you are looking for a fox tattoo to print on your body but don’t know which tattoo to choose, you can refer to the following suggestions:

The nine-tailed fox is a famous animal in the legends of many Asian countries, including China and Japan. The fox’s 9 tails correspond to 9 lives. This shows that this animal has extremely good endurance. The 9-tailed fox tattoo also reminds yourself that no matter how difficult or how many times you fail, you will continue to stand up to change your destiny and strive to further improve yourself.

Nine-tailed fox tattoo

The curled fox tattoo is also a tattoo chosen by many girls. The image of a sleeping fox is extremely adorable and very suitable for girls to tattoo on their wrist or shoulder. These mini tattoos are designed very beautifully, bringing a gentle, seductive, and fragile feeling to girls.

Fox tattoo curled up sleeping

This tattoo brings a feeling of strength and personality to the owner, suitable for both men and women. There are many different types of tattoo variations, you can refer to these images online or ask a tattoo artist to design a tattoo for you that is unique and not identical to anyone else. Since this is a large tattoo, you can get it on your back, ribs, or biceps.

Fox head tattoo

Fox mask tattoo originated from Japan. In Japanese culture, this tattoo represents a two-faced person, constantly changing personality. However, it also helps the owner express mystery and charm, urging the people around them to explore and learn. Usually people will get a tattoo of a fox mask along with other symbols such as a spider lily, a rope, a bell or a sword.

Fox mask tattoo

Those who love minimalism can choose to get a fox tattoo in this style. The tattoo lines are very simple, thin and rarely use additional colors. You can get this tattoo on your wrist or ankle, which is more suitable than other locations. Moreover, this tattoo is also suitable for both men and women. It will definitely help you become extremely attractive and personable.

Simple fox tattoo

Flowers with bright colors are chosen to combine with the fox tattoo. This tattoo helps you become more impressive and attractive. In addition, this tattoo also carries a message about love, expressing the desire for intense love. A tattoo on your ankle, bicep or shoulder will be an interesting choice for you.

Fox and flower tattoo

Continuing is a fox tattoo for women that you should not ignore. This mini tattoo is extremely beautifully designed, often chosen by women to be tattooed on the wrist, shoulder blade, finger, ankle or behind the ear. This is an extremely delicate and artistic tattoo, helping you attract a lot of luck in love.

Mini fox tattoo

Tribal style tattoos are very much about artistic elements. If you are not knowledgeable about tattoos, it may be difficult for you to know this concept. Tribal style tattoos are extremely bold and strong, expressing the owner’s personality. So you can refer to the fox tattoo style as shown below. Surely you will look extremely special and attract many people’s attention.

Tribal style fox tattoo

A fox tattoo on the back will help the owner highlight their personality, dynamism and confidence. Girls especially love this tattoo position. The image of a hot, individual orange-yellow fox printed on the back makes you look very special. Not only is it “satisfying” to look at, but it also carries the meaning of wanting you to always be strong, wise, and resilient like foxes.

Tattoos on the back are very suitable for women

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The fox in the bottle symbolizes charm and magic, so many girls choose to tattoo the fox on their thighs to increase their attractiveness. Tattoos in this location are also not easily visible, unless you wear short pants or a short skirt. However, in terms of artistic elements, this is a beautiful tattoo, helping girls express their personality.

Fox tattoo on thigh

There are many designs for fox tattoos on hands, you can get tattoos on biceps, forearms, wrists or hands. Each location has its own unique and attractive things. So you can refer to this tattoo model.

Fox tattoo on arm

Tattooing on the ribs is a quite discreet place and there is no fear of being discovered. Usually people choose tattoos in this location not to express their personality or rebellion. Instead, they want to be able to motivate themselves so they don’t become lethargic and immersed in negative things. Agile, cunning, and sharp foxes will help you quickly overcome adversity and become a completely different version in the future.

Attractive rib tattoo

Foot tattoos show your dynamism and boldness in life, not being afraid of anything. In addition, the fox symbol in this position helps bring positive meaning, helping you be more agile and alert. At the same time, chase away evil spirits and mean people who want to harass, deceive, and harm you.

Personalized ankle tattoo

Many girls like chest tattoos because this tattoo position makes you more attractive and beautiful. When choosing a tattoo for your child on the chest or near the collarbone, you should choose simple, small-sized images. Because the simpler the tattoo, the more attractive it makes you.

Fox tattoo on chest for women

This is a very personal and somewhat magical tattoo, so not everyone can get it. Usually these images are more suitable for boys. People who choose this tattoo are often people with deep introspection. In the past, they may have experienced a lot of hurt, suffering, and loss. Just like foxes lose a life and are reborn again. Therefore, they want to get this tattoo on their body to remind themselves to change and become stronger and more thorny.

Fox and skull tattoo

Above are all the fox tattoos that we want to introduce to you. Hopefully through this article, you will be able to find a tattoo that suits your preferences. In general, this tattoo has very high artistic value, suitable for individual boys and girls who want to show their differences.

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