Trendy Glitch Tattoos- Unique Ideas For You

‘There is art in everything, even in chaos and deformity. This saying is especially true if you have ever seen a glitch tattoo. As the name suggests, glitch tattoo designs are, well, ‘glitched.’ Even so, this tattoo style makes for unique and stunning tattoos.

You can choose from many styles and designs when getting inked. However, all tattoo enthusiasts try and look for designs that are unique and eye-catching. In fact, many people get inked with tattoos that act as conversation starters. So if you are looking for tattoo designs that can help you find tattoo-lovers, you are in the right place.

Glitch Tattoo

Glitch tattoos are a unique form of artwork with no limitations. Whether you want to get a portrait or landscape, this style has you covered. The contemporary style can work into any type of tattoo that you would like inked on your body.

Simply put, glitch tattoos are any kind of design with a distorted part that can take a person on the ultimate mind trip. Glitch designs should be easy to distinguish from yet far from perfection. Let’s learn more about tattoo design.

The Glitch Tattoo Design

Glitch tattoo is a rather new tattoo design but is gaining increasing popularity in tattoos every passing day. More people are starting to love the concept, as they are creating their variations on glitch tattoos.

The beauty of glitch tattoos is that this tattoo design effortlessly joins social society with the digital one. It derives from digital media and computer graphics that give these tattoos pixilated or glitched imagery. Glitch tattoos blend the traditional inking method with the modern fascination with technology.

There are many different ways of interpreting a glitch tattoo design, so many people resonate with this new design. While many people are inspired by the fun aspect of glitch tattoos, others see room for creativity. You come with a unique and fun glitch tattoo idea and get as creative as you want.

Colourful tattoo on leg for men

On the other hand, some people ink themselves in this tattoo design for deeper meanings. They may be trying to represent a glitch in their life. Or, glitch tattoos and pixilated effects can also help blend in two different elements.

You can choose colorful or black and white image pixels to represent a glitch and suggest that the rest of the image is loading. Or, you can choose an iconic image and glitch it to give it a fluid-like or distorting effect. You do not necessarily have to come up with a new tattoo, but in fact, you can add some pixels to a completed tattoo to add some fun to it.

Who Are Glitch Tattoos For?

As you may already know, tattoos are a way of expressing yourself. This is not just true for the image you ink, but rather the tattoo style and design as well. Therefore, the glitch tattoo design is a great choice for anyone who wants to reflect their fun, interesting, or mysterious personality traits through their tattoo choice.

Black and white tattoo for men on hand

You can get creative and come forth with fun and unique tattoos or use the tattoo design to create a deeper meaning. But, you must remember that your glitch tattoo will turn heads wherever you go. This tattoo design is a definite conversation starter due to its optical illusion aspect.

You might find yourself in situations where people stop you down the streets to look at your design. So the glitch tattoo design might not be a good choice for you if you despise that kind of attention.

Glitch Tattoo Ideas For You

Portraits, words, and more tattoo designs can all have the glitch treatment to create unique tattoos. As we mentioned earlier, there is no limit to what you can glitch. Here are a few possibilities you can work with this tattoo style.


A lot of people have certain words and quotes inked and then glitched. If you have a word that holds special meaning for you, the glitch tattoo can make it much more interesting. For glitched script tattoos, the font style and glitch effect should match the aesthetic and meaning of the word(s). For example, a glitch tattoo that spells ‘As Above So Below’ can make use of wavy lines to connect the words.

letter tattoo for men on leg

Water Effect

Many tattoo artists add a fluid-like effect to their glitch tattoos. Water-effect glitch tattoos have endless possibilities. You can work this tattoo idea into a portrait as well as an object. For example, your tattoo artist can draw a portrait in such a way that it looks like you’re seeing it through wet grass or a drop of water. They might need to use softer colors to slew the image into wavy lines.

Water effect tattoo on hand for men

Distorted Roman Bust Effect

Busts are a huge part of Roman sculpture and are easily recognizable. These statues show only either the head or body of a person. Glitch tattoos are a great way to modernize these old-school portraits by adding a digital effect to them. Since Roman busts are easily recognizable, glitch tattoos add a fun spin to the design without taking away its unique elements. The tattoo design works well with these portraits to create a unique image, subverting your perception of it. You can either go with soft grays or add hints of color like this one.

Smiley Tattoo on hand for men

Hypnotic Effect

Who would have thought that you could play mind tricks with your tattoo? Well, it is possible with hypnotic glitch tattoos. You can instruct your tattoo artist to use different colors to create several outlines for a single tattoo. The possibilities with this design idea are endless as you can go for portraits, landscapes, or objects.

Bottom Line

With time, glitch tattoos are gaining popularity. The genre offers room for creativity and fun, so you can go light or heavy with the tattoo design you want. You can use the glitch tattoo design for creating water effects, distorted effects, and hypnotic effects.


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