The world’s first on and off road all-electric supercar: MISS R

Electric powertrain developer XiNG mobility released test footage of their 1,300+ horsepower, rally-inspired supercar — the world’s first electric supercar with on and off-road capabilities — Miss R. XiNG mobility’s vehicular-duchess was tested on a wide variety of terrains. here, it can be seen thrashing down a rough gravel path, taking full advantage of its four-wheel torque vectoring agility.

XING mobilityall images courtesy of XiNG mobility according to XiNG Mobility’s co-founder and CTO azizi tucker, testing the car at increasing speeds and intense conditions is crucial to the development of the vehicle. the latest round of road trials validated this theory; the battery technology and vehicle concept are performing nobly, on and off road.

trials must have went very well for Miss R. following the tests (conducted in an undisclosed location at an undisclosed time), the company is to display the vehicle at autotronics taipei, this week. there, Miss R will be viewed alongside one of its key features — an immersive-cooled battery pack.

XiNG mobility’s impressive performance stems from this battery system. at its full potential, this supercar’s four 350V motors and 1 megawatt battery pack may reach staggering performance levels. 0 – 100 km in 1.8 seconds. 0-200 km in 5.1. according to XiNG mobility, ‘it works by submerging cells directly in 3M™ novec™ 7200 engineered fluid. the pack is currently one of the highest power density eV battery packs on the market, offering up to 50% weight saving in comparison to industry standards. with its modular building-block design, it is the first battery pack specifically designed for low-mid volume applications.’XING mobility

battery-swap technology and multi-terrain personality prime Miss R for track sprints, hill climbs, and endurance races. but with this vehicle’s versatile solutions, comes another, more-commercial opportunity.

XiNG mobility is already working with commercial and industrial vehicle makers to apply technology from Miss R in city buses, ride-sharing scooters, construction equipment and special-purpose boats. this explains why Miss R is to be displayed alongside MR. T, a commercial truck, ‘consisting of 6,300 lithium-ion 18650 cells in 150 reconfigurable and immersive-cooled battery modules and equipped with a 350V high power density induction motor.’ XiNG mobility has raised the eV bar.

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