The lives of dogs in wealthy New York neighborhoods

The pandemic has increased the number of dog owners, and pet dog care services for wealthy New Yorkers have exploded with increasing levels of luxury.

The Hamptons area, on Long Island, became a Covid-19 hiding place for rich New Yorkers. On a cool evening, the tables on the lawn of Bistro Eté were packed with elegantly dressed people, eagerly awaiting the dishes of famous chef Arie Pavlou. So does Bubbles, a 4-year-old dog.

Maryam Winston and her husband from Fairfield, Connecticut, appreciate the exquisite service for their pets. “The restaurant owner brought out a bed, but Bubbles prefers to sit in a chair so they gave it a cushion,” said the 50-year-old woman, CEO of a medical company.

Pampered dogs are not uncommon in the Hamptons, but this summer the level of extravagance reached new heights. At Naia, a Mediterranean restaurant, has introduced pet dietary services. Babette’s, which specializes in organic food, also offers chicken runners and turkey bacon for dogs. Capi Hotel is having so many four-legged guests that they are preparing to open a dog park this month.

Famous veterinarian Cindy Bressler recently launched the Association of Veterinary Specialists in the Hamptons, with a full range of specialties such as cardiology, dermatology, acupuncture… to advise dog owners. They’ll even courier same-day medications from Manhattan to the Hamptons.

Edward Alava, owner of a pet dog store in Manhattan, opened a branch in the Hamptons to provide services from grooming, massage or lavender baths for dogs before boarding a yacht or plane. At the same time, they also serve dogs at parties so that their owners can have free time.

“The pampering had reached its peak. We had just brushed two white dogs. Immediately after, the owner let them out and they jumped into the pond. So they called us back,” Alava said. .

Marilyn Pelstring, 65, regularly orders Alava’s $175 massage service for her three pet dogs. They also get swimming lessons worth $150 an hour. After the swimming lesson, they went to the restaurant to drink a cup of vanilla.

Also this summer, Bressler teamed up with therapist Jillian McElwee to launch a “best friends” massage where dogs and owners enjoy treatments together for $350.

Of course, there are those who disagree with the extent to which dog owners pamper their dogs. At 75 Main restaurant, which serves steak and egg whites for owners and dogs, a woman dining with her husband felt “itchy” at the man at the next table who was enjoying dinner with his dog. . They had a heated exchange of words.

Maurizio Marfoglia, owner of restaurants Dopo Argento and Dopo La Spiaggia, only allows customers to bring in food during lunch and strictly prohibits it at dinner. “Dogs are not people and they have different needs,” he said. To overcome this situation, people have opened a dog nanny service for $50 an hour.

However, veterinarian Bressler said, dogs do not have the same pleasure in eating as humans. “While the owner talks with friends and eats, the dog is often forgotten. It is better to leave it comfortably in the house and pay attention to it afterwards. Dogs do not like to go out to dinner in the same way we do,” he said.

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