Stunned by Haaland’s ‘toy’ worth 2.5 million euros

None other than Erling Haaland delighted many fans, especially enthusiastic fans of Man City, when he scored 5 goals in the recent jubilant victory over Luton with a score of 6-2 in round 5 of the 2023/24 FA Cup. . Through this, Haaland became the first Man City player to score 5 goals in an FA Cup match, since the case of Frank Roberts in 1926. Not only jubilant on the field, the former Dortmund striker also brought admiration for his playfulness and tolerance behind the scenes.

According to Dagens Naeringsliv (Norway), Haaland bought one of the most sought after supercars on the world market. That’s specifically the Mercedes AMG One, a supercar with an F1 engine worth 2.5 million euros. A price enough to make anyone stunned. No matter how expensive it is, the Mercedes AMG One is also the dream of any car enthusiast because of its rarity. It is important to know that there are only 275 Mercedes AMG Ones released to the global market. According to many sources, Man City’s main striker authorized his childhood friend, Ole Ertvaag, to buy a supercar that is considered a “beast”.


It is important to know that the famous brand Mercedes introduced this exclusive model in 2017 with the name “Project One” at the car show in Geneva. Production of this model has been given the green light in 2022. Last year, Mercedes delivered the first of 275 cars produced according to orders from super VIP customers around the world. .

Haaland’s newly purchased supercar has a 1.6L V6 internal combustion engine with a capacity of 574 horsepower. With a gasoline engine combined with 4 electric motors, the supercar has a capacity of 1,063 horsepower. Its tremendous power is reflected in the fact that it can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.9 seconds and exceed 200 km/h in seven seconds. The maximum speed that Mercedes AMG One achieves is 352 km/h. According to calculations, the average fuel consumption of this supercar is 13 liters/100km. It is important to know that this is the car developed on the basis of the car model used by the Mercedes F1 racing team in the 2016/2017 season.

Similar to F1 models, the Mercedes AMG One’s chassis is designed in one piece to increase bearing capacity. The front of the car has an aggressive design, creating strength and personality. Mercedes AMG One is equipped with many typical active aerodynamic details such as front wheel cavity air vents that can open and close depending on actual operating conditions. Similar to the exterior, the interior of the Mercedes AMG One also has a racing style with an F1-style steering wheel with integrated gearshift lights and electrically adjustable buttons and racing-style seats.

“Haaland is very excited to own the Mercedes AMG One. This will be the highlight of his car collection,” a source close to Haaland shared with the media.

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