Ram 1500 Revolution shown with all the toys: mid-gate, four-wheel steering, much more


After many teasers and much anticipation, the electric Ram has finally been revealed in its concept form. And it is absolutely packed with features. The only things lacking in this reveal are the nitty gritty numbers. All Ram would say for now is that the truck will be a leader in “range, towing, payload and charge time.”

We’ll dig in a little more on what the Ram needs to be a leader in those areas, but first, let’s go over everything that has been shown so far, starting from the outside. The Revolution follows the path of the Silverado EV in being a substantially different design and package than the internal combustion version. Much of this is because the Revolution is built on a completely new platform, the STLA Frame, which is designed to be electric from the start. It’s a body-on-frame setup with the battery mounted down between the frame rails. There are two electric motors, one front and one rear. This layout allows for the considerably different proportions of the Revolution, with the cab extending much farther forward. Ram says the cab is 4 inches longer overall compared with the current crew cab 1500, but its bed is a similar length.

The overall design, besides having different proportions, has other features that separate it from the internal combustion truck. The nose is wider and has a flatter hood, moving away from the semi-truck-like shape of the past few decades of Ram trucks. The fenders have sharp creases that highlight the wheel arches. Those wheel arches can accommodate tires up to 35 inches in diameter. On this concept, it has pavement-focused tires on 24-inch wheels. There’s also a dramatic swooping line delineating the cab and bed. Besides its lower roof and considerably more raked windshield, other aero-inspired elements include the flush-mounted door handles, swivel-away tow hooks, sideview cameras instead of mirrors, and a flat undertray with diffuser.

The bed has some unique features, too. While the exterior gives the impression of a separate bed, it’s actually connected to the cab. This allows for the GM-style mid-gate (power-operated on this concept), although the sliding second-row seat allows you to keep it in place when the mid-gate is folded. And not only does the rear of the cab open up, but there’s a pass-through all the way into the frunk for particularly long and narrow objects. The power tailgate is split into barn doors, and it can be opened up with a gate and a floor to extend the bed beyond the tail.

This brings us to the Ram Revolution’s interior. The dashboard design echoes the front end’s lighting signature, and it includes its own ambient lighting. The whole interior is very minimalist, and the only real visible control centers are the steering wheel and the center screens. Yes, the center infotainment system uses two 14.2-inch screens, with the lower one able to extend for more display real estate, or even be removed. The windshield can display info, too, thanks to the augmented reality head-up display. The center console has similar tricks, being able to open up into a workspace or be removed entirely. The steering wheel also retracts for the hands-free and eyes-free autonomous driving mode. (This is a concept, remember.)

Ram 1500 Revolution concept truck

One of the biggest surprises is what Ram has done with the space. While the larger cab certainly offers additional room for occupants in both seating rows, Ram went a step further — and added a third row. There is a set of jump seats behind the rear row mounted to the mid-gate that can be deployed for those brief occasions when you have more than five people to carry around.

There are many other interesting features inside. The leather is made from apple (the fruit) byproducts, and the floor is made from recycled rubber and cork. There are biometric cameras to recognize who is driving and can set everything the way that person prefers. A storage app helps let you know if you can fit a product in your truck, either by scanning the bar code or by using a 3D-scanning camera. The roof is electrochromic and can be dimmed. There’s a vehicle AI assistant that can respond to voice commands, and with the truck’s Shadow Mode, it can follow you as you walk outside the truck at slow speeds for short maneuvers. There’s even an exterior projector that can provide information or show movies. And in the garage, you can have a Ram Charger robot that positions itself under the car to enable wireless inductive charging.

Ram 1500 Revolution concept truck

Though things like actual power, range and more have yet to be revealed, Ram did provide a few details on the Revolution’s mechanical parts. Besides the dual motors and body-on-frame construction, the truck is available with air suspension featuring self-leveling and multiple ride heights. Four-wheel steering will be another option. The battery system is 800-volt, capable of peak charging speeds of 350 kW. Ram says it will be able to add 100 miles of range in 10 minutes. Ram specifically mentioned that the spaces where the motors are mounted are designed to accommodate even larger versions for potentially more powerful Ram variants.

And although Ram didn’t share more specifics about the Revolution, we can guess at some things based on its statements about being a class-leader in multiple areas. As for range, the Ram Revolution will need to top 400 miles to beat out the Silverado EV and Sierra EV, based on those trucks’ range estimates. GM is also claiming to have a version of the Silverado EV that will tow up to 20,000 pounds, so that’s another mark Ram will have to hit for the class-leader title. For payload, the Ram will have to beat the F-150 Lightning’s 2,000-pound rating. As for charging, it will likely be close between the Ram and the GM trucks, as both support 350-kW chargers, while the Lightning has a peak charging speed of 150 kW. Of course, with many versions undoubtedly coming for the Ram, as well as the competition, each class-leading specification may be spread across different models.

The production version of the Ram 1500 Revolution concept will go on sale in 2024, likely as a 2025 model. But we’ll get to see that truck sometime this year. And we should get many more specific statistics on the truck with the full reveal. We’ll also be curious to see if Ram will reveal details on its range-extended hybrid model.

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