Not choosing a “mistletoe” life, the muse of Ronaldo and Messi has an admirable career of her own

Half of Ronaldo and Messi currently own assets worth tens of millions of dollars.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are the two most famous names in world football for more than a decade. Thanks to that, the duo’s relatives received special attention.

Georgina (30 years old, Ronaldo’s girlfriend) and Antonella (35 years old, Messi’s wife) are beauties who “stepped into the light” thanks to their other halves. However, they do not live a mistletoe life. The two beauties are models of modern women who both take care of the family and have their own careers.

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Georgina and Antonella are the two most famous WAGs at the moment

Perfectly manages family matters

Georgina and Antonella have many things in common. The two girls were both born in Argentina and both consider family a top priority.

On her personal page with more than 56 million followers, Georgina left the description “Mother of 6 lovely little angels. In the past, Ronaldo had a love affair that lasted about 5 years with supermodel Irina Shayk. With For many people, Irina’s beauty and fashion sense are somewhat better than Georgina’s.

But according to Portuguese media, this girl cares more about her career than her children. This is one of the reasons why Ronaldo decided to go his separate ways. Georgina is the piece Ronaldo needs. For a long time, she did not hire a maid and took care of the children herself.

She makes no distinction between biological children and stepchildren. The three children born through Ronaldo’s surrogacy method are all very close to Georgina and all call her “mother”.

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Georgina has been with Ronaldo since 2016

With Antonella, she also often describes herself as “the mother of three children Thiago, Mateo and Ciro”. In an interview last year, Messi admitted that he especially admired Antonella because she always took care of the family while he was busy playing.

She also became a loyal fan of Messi. Important matches of Argentine superstar Antonella all appeared. Many people still have not forgotten the image of the mother of three children celebrating her emotions when her husband won the 2022 World Cup.

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Antonella has spent nearly 20 years accompanying Messi

Georgina: social media star, representative, actress

From a girl who had to live in a rented house that cost a few dozen dollars a month, Georgina now owns a fortune of about 10 million dollars. This is the result of her constant efforts over the years.

She has a significant income through advertising for brands. According to Hola, since 2018, she has been the representative face of a hairdressing company headquartered in Portugal. Since moving to Saudi Arabia with Ronaldo, the 30-year-old beauty has become even more popular. At this time, Georgina is the promotional face for at least 5 brands, earning millions of dollars each year.

Không chọn cuộc đờiGeorgina is the representative face of many famous brands

Besides, she also collaborated with Netflix to produce a documentary about her life. At this time, the film has released 2 parts and has been well received by a number of fans.

Besides, being the WAG with the most followers on Instagram also helps Georgina pocket hundreds of thousands of dollars for each post. Since the beginning of 2024, her personal page has posted 4 promotional articles.

Antonella Roccuzzo: Owner of a supermarket chain, representing a series of brands

Compared to Georgina, Antonella has a stronger family financial foundation. Her family has a supermarket chain that was established in 1990. This supermarket chain is present in the cities of Rosario, Bermudez and Baigorria. Antonella and her family members have steered this supermarket over the years.

In addition, she and her cousin Andrea Lo Menzo founded a fashion label for mothers and babies and are constantly growing.

She and Sofia Balbi – striker Luis Suarez’s wife – have also been involved in running a furniture company called Roccbal 109 SL since 2016.

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Antonella is cool with business

Like Georgina, Antonella also represents many brands, mainly in the beauty segment. Hola said she currently represents some big brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Tiffany & Co.

According to calculations, Antonella’s assets are about 20 million USD. However, some believe that the Argentine beauty’s real assets are much larger because she is the financial manager in Messi’s family.

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