99+ Most Beautiful and Impressive Libra Tattoos

In the Zodiac circle, Libra is the 7th sign, belongs to the element Air and is the only constellation whose representative symbol is not a human or animal. Libra is a special zodiac sign and is considered the most perfect constellation. Everything about Libra is excellent from appearance, personality, qualities to aesthetic taste, talents, and talents. If you are looking for a Libra tattoo to make an impression and express your personality, you can refer to the suggestions below.

People of the Libra zodiac sign are born from September 23 to October 23. Their representative image is the scale of justice. This is also the only constellation in the zodiac whose avatar is an object and not an animal or human. Libra has an intelligent, gentle, peace-loving and compassionate nature. They are also people who love beauty, like art and have a very good aesthetic eye.

Therefore, even when choosing a tattoo, people belonging to the Libra zodiac sign are extremely careful. This zodiac sign has a representation of the scales of justice and is governed by the sun, so you can tattoo symbols such as: Scales, omega, map of the Libra constellation in the galaxy, Sun, moon, rose tattoos, Libra goddess tattoos,…

Libra is very meticulous in choosing his tattoo

These tattoos bring the meaning of balance in life, the desire for justice to always be enforced. Because Libra themselves are very fair people, they extremely hate favoritism or injustice in life. Furthermore, these tattoos also show Libra’s personality, vibrant and sociable on the outside, calm and introspective on the inside.

Suitable tattoo locations for you are wrists, ankles, collarbones, ankles, thighs, back, shoulder blades, etc. Usually women will like to get mini Libra tattoos on their bodies. Because they help girls exude the elegant, individualistic temperament but still no less elegant and noble of Libra.

Libra is a person who loves art and believes in astrology, so they will not arbitrarily tattoo anything on their body without prior research. The tattoos that Libra chooses must ensure elements such as: Beautiful, suitable for feng shui and have artistic meaning.

If you are wondering which tattoo to choose, you can refer to Sheis’s suggestions below.

The image of a balance is the official symbol of Libra. Therefore, this is the top choice of many people when they need to get a Libra tattoo on their body. The balance tattoo symbolizes fairness and justice. This is the ideal that Binh Nhi always aspires to pursue throughout their lives. They always treat everyone fairly and want to be treated the same way in return.

However, the reality of life can disappoint Libra. However, they still want to get this tattoo on their body to remind themselves to be honest and overcome all temptations. This tattoo has a moderate size so you can get it on your forearm, bicep, chest, back of the neck, back, calf, etc. As long as it can express your personality.

Balance tattoo – Symbol of Libra

The Libra star map on the Milky Way is an extremely artistic tattoo, so it is loved and chosen by many girls. With this tattoo you can get a black and white tattoo or a color tattoo. In general, Libra’s artistic eye is very good, so they know how to combine many elements to create a tattoo according to their wishes.

Accordingly, you can combine star position tattoos with many different characters such as: Heart, moon, music notes, spaceship or the omega symbol of Libra. Normally, this tattoo will be more suitable for Libra women, girls will tattoo mainly on the forearm, bicep, wrist, shoulder blade, ribs or collarbone,…

Libra star map tattoo in the Milky Way

When choosing Libra tattoos, you definitely cannot ignore tattoos with the omega symbol. The ancient Egyptians said this symbol was about the image of the setting sun – the gate connecting light and darkness together. This zodiac sign is extremely delicate, beautiful and easy to tattoo. Therefore, many people often choose this tattoo drawing and tattoo them in many different positions on the body. Because this is a small, uncomplicated image, you can tattoo it on your wrist, ankle, blue collar bone, back of the neck, behind the ear, fingers, etc.

Omega symbol tattoo

The goddess of justice tattoo is also a suitable tattoo for people of the Libra zodiac sign. This is a symbol of strength and authority, to ensure justice is always enforced. The image of the beautiful goddess holding a sword in one hand and a body in the other symbolizes strength, ready to fight lies and injustice in society. The white blindfold symbolizes objectivity, not being influenced or affected by anything.

Thanks to its positive meaning and rich artistic value, not only girls but also many boys choose this tattoo. This tattoo will be more suitable for tattooing on the biceps and forearms. You should not get tattoos in sensitive areas because it will lose the majesty of the goddess.

Tattoo of goddess holding scales

Libra is an extremely creative and artistic constellation, so they always want to create the most unique and “quality” tattoos. You can combine the zodiac characters of family members together. Or more simply, you use ancient Egyptian geometric characters to help your tattoo become more special. This type of tattoo is often designed vertically from top to bottom or horizontally, depending on your aesthetic taste.

Libra tattoo with special characters

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Libra’s English name is Libra, so you can choose this lovely word to tattoo on your body. Letter tattoos are a type of tattoo that many people love and choose. To help keep the tattoo from being monotonous, you can combine it with some other images like the one below. Girls almost all like this type of tattoo combined with text. You can choose to get a tattoo on your wrist, radius or bicep. We guarantee that the girls will look attractive and individual but also elegant and temperamental.

Libra tattoo for Libra

Libra is very romantic and dreamy, their imagination can go beyond the universe that ordinary people cannot understand. That’s why many Libra guys and girls choose this tattoo. Space tattoos with many details are designed quite elaborately but are arranged reasonably, not confusing.

When the ink is printed on your body, you will definitely feel extremely satisfied because this tattoo is extremely unique, different, artistic and not popular. Tattooing the universe on your hand is the most reasonable choice for you. A beautiful tattoo that Libra likes like this should definitely be for everyone to admire.

Space tattoo

Libra is a constellation that spends its whole life searching for balance in life. Therefore, a tattoo of stacked stones will be a suitable tattoo for this zodiac sign. Anyone in life has pressure, but Libra’s way of overcoming it is more difficult than others.

Because this constellation itself is a symbol of justice, as soon as it sees injustice, betrayal, suffering, Libra will doubt its worldview. Their balance kept tilting to one side and then to the other. To balance their emotions, this zodiac sign will take a very long time. Therefore, tattooing stones will help your life become more balanced.

Tattoo of overlapping rocks

As shared above, Libra loves everything about the universe. So you cannot ignore this extremely beautiful tattoo. There are many different types of moon-themed tattoos. You can choose seasonal moon shapes, crescent moons, full moons,… or combine them with many different details.

The moon symbolizes the gentle beauty of a girl. Besides, many people also believe that promises made under the moonlight will last forever, representing a promise that will never change. This tattoo is more appropriate to be tattooed on the arm or shoulder blade. In addition, Libra is very compatible with blue, so you can choose a blue moon tattoo.

Moon tattoo

Sun tattoo will be the next choice for Binh Nhi. The sun symbol represents undeniable shine and radiance. This is very suitable for Libra boys and girls who are temperamental, cool, talented and love art. These tattoo designs also radiate rays of light, bringing positive energy to life. A sun tattoo on the wrist, bicep, back, shoulder blade or collarbone will help you become more special, outstanding and attractive.

Sun tattoo

Libra is dominated by Venus, so people of this sign love stability and a comfortable, untethered life. The color suitable for Libra is blue. This is the color that creates balance and harmony for Libra. Meanwhile, the image of roses represents love, romance, and fidelity – the true nature of this zodiac sign. So if you both love roses and blue, combine them in the same tattoo.

Blue rose tattoo

Another variation of the scale tattoo is the balance scale tattoo. On each side of the scale will contain an object that is different or opposite to the other side. For example, moon – sun, yin – yang, water – fire. This tattoo carries a great message about feng shui, helping Librans balance their mood, emotions and personality. From there, it will bring you an easier life and less thinking and fatigue.

Balanced balance tattoo

The common characteristic of Libra is that they are all very creative. Therefore, they do not often follow old paths or standards. On the contrary, they like to design new and unique tattoos for themselves according to their own personality. It’s the same leg but they will transform it into many different styles. Moreover, Libra absolutely loves beauty and colorful things. Therefore, it will not be easy for them to ignore scale tattoos combined with trees, flowers, ocean waves, birds or many other special symbols.

Stylized balance tattoo

The image of trees represents growth and development. Ancient tree tattoos represent life and strong growth. The image will always last over time, develop forever with heaven and earth and regenerate people from the dead. Combined with the balance symbol representing the Libra zodiac sign, it will help you stay balanced and not be affected by anything negative in life. This shape has quite a large diameter so it is often more suitable for men. You can get a tattoo on your back or upper arm which would be more suitable.

Tree tattoos for men

Besides lovely and pretty tattoos for women, Libra men can also refer to some artistic and unique tattoo designs below. Libra men are extremely psychological, romantic and very responsible. They are also strong and confident people, so they like to be noticed by people around them. Large tattoos such as scales, omega symbols, and goddess of justice tattoos are also suggestions that you can refer to.

Libra tattoo for men

Mini Libra tattoo is also a choice that many Binh Nhi people are interested in. Libra has a very good artistic eye, so they absolutely love small, minimalist tattoos. Some girls belonging to this constellation will tend to have mini tattoos on their wrists and fingers instead of choosing tattoos that are too large.

Mini Libra tattoo

Above is a collection of Libra tattoos. We hope this sharing will help Binh Nhi find the most beautiful and suitable tattoo drawing for themselves. Choose carefully the image you want to tattoo, because it will follow you throughout your life, bring you luck and help you express your personality.

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