Man who tattooed his own penis shows how he looked before being covered in ink

As a teenager, Tay Ashby begged his father to let him have a tattoo.

His under pressure dad eventually relented – but believed allowing his son to be permanently inked would discourage him from getting any more.

Ironically, Tay, now 30, earns a living as a tattoo artist and has 80% of his body covered in ink.

He told Daily Star: “My dad took me to get my first tattoo back when I was 16 hoping it would scare me out of wanting to get anymore.

“The main reason why he didn’t want me getting too many tattoos was more so that I wasn’t judged and held back from getting a career.

Tay Ashby
Tay began getting tattoos after being inspired by the skate punk scene (Image:
Tay Ashby
Tay Ashby has been getting tattoos ever since he was 16 (Image:

“But it worked out for me in the end after I became a tattoo artist.”

And Tay, from Melbourne, has now shared throwback snaps before his epic transformation.

Reflecting on the unrecognisable fresh-faced look, Tay said: “When I look at all my old photos from before I was so heavily tattooed I don’t see myself.

“I am so much more myself and I feel more in my own skin since becoming so heavily tattooed.

“This is me.”

Horror fanatic Tay now helps others with their body art as a tattooist at Dead Mind Tattoos in Melbourne.

And while his clients endure the needle every day, Tay revealed what his most painful place to get tattooed was.

Tay Ashby
Tay shares throwback snap of how he looked before ink (Image:
Tay Asby
He went on to cover 80% of his body in tattoos and he now has 19 piercings (Image:

He said: “I got down south tattooed, that was easily one of the most painful tattoos.

“The worst part is I did it myself! Either that or I have a tattoo on my face that goes right up to my nostril, that was excruciating.”

And as for his favourite, he added: “My throat tattoo because the idea came from my favourite TV show The Walking Dead.”

One his most meaningful pieces is the letter ‘K’ on the side of his face – in tribute to his daughter.

And because of his extreme appearance, Tay is often judged by strangers.

He said: “The reactions on the street are always mixed, they range from pure disgust and judgement to someone wanting to stop me and chat or look at them.

Tay Ashby
He revealed he tattooed his own penis – describing it as excruciating (Image:
Tay Ashby
He has a ‘K’ inked to his face for his daughter (Image:

“One thing I have learnt is that kids have no filter, they’re always the funniest, pointing and shouting. I can imagine it would be embarrassing to some parents.”

But Tay said the contrasting responses is something he enjoys.

He added: “For me the best thing about being heavily tattooed is that people either love it or hate it.

“They love me or they hate me. I am who I am and these tattoos tell a story about me. And I love it.”

Tay Ashby
The tattoo artist wants to get his eyeballs inked next (Image:

Tay recently took part in an experiment where experts covered up all his tattoos in an extreme transformation.

He said he was left feeling like an alien – and you can read all about it here.

As for future tattoo plans, Tay is soon going to get his eyeballs inked.

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