Inside Cristiano Ronaldo’s billionaire lifestyle

Recently, with just one simple move, a billion-dollar beverage brand cost nearly 5 billion USD.

Cristiano Ronaldo makes some serious money. According to Forbes , in 2020 he became the first active team sports athlete to surpass $1 billion in career earnings, and his four-year contract with Juventus alone is worth an average of $64 million a year. year. Please note, this does not count his lifetime contract with Nike – a contract that also allows him to have lucrative deals with clothing lines, accessories, gyms and hotels carrying the brand CR7 brand.

After many years of playing a key role in the attack against Real Madrid in Spain, Ronaldo expanded his hotel business by opening the Pestana CR7 hotel in Madrid. The remaining two branches were active in Lisbon, Mexico, and Funchal, his native Portugal.

While that is for his hotels, let’s familiarize you with the multi-million dollar homes he owns around the world.

1. Hostel in Marbella

It was this holiday home in Marbella where Cristiano and his family spent their quarantine period, before moving to Turin a few days before the Serie A restart, where Ronaldo plays for Juventus. Ronaldo’s holiday home, a short walk from the Mediterranean Sea, features amenities such as a built-in theater, LED driveway and infinity pool. Inside, it’s a picture of sleek, modern luxury with open-plan living, kitchen and dining areas, outdoor dining areas, spacious gardens and spacious bedrooms with built-in wardrobes. doorless shirt. The villa was designed by Otergo Group, a famous luxury developer.

2. Apartment in Trump Tower, New York

Famous for his maximalist approach to life, Cristiano Ronaldo’s homes reflect his bold personality. His apartment in Trump Tower is no different. Purchased for $18.5 million in 2015, Ronaldo hired Juan Pablo Molyneux to decorate the interior. While the 2,500 square meter stadium still belongs to the Portuguese, Vanity Fair recently reported that it is on the market.

3. Villa in Turin, Italy

Ronaldo shared this image when he was quarantined at his Turin villa after testing positive for Covid-19.


Ronaldo and family at Turin villa

His home in Turin, Italy, houses Ronaldo’s $47 million real estate portfolio: it once included a luxury apartment in La Finca, Madrid, and is said to have been sold. However, his Italian villa is one that he still owns thanks to his services to Italian giants Juve. Complete with indoor and outdoor swimming pools, large living areas and a full-service gym, with breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, this residence is perfect for Ronaldo and his family. Older brother.