Decoding Apple Car’s Future through Fresh Trademark Insights

Apple keeps filing trademarks and patents for its upcoming car and this means we’re now beginning to envision what the end product might look like.

Apple keeps filing trademarks and patents for its upcoming car and this means we’re now beginning to envision what the end product might look like.

First and foremost, we know the Apple Car will be electric and autonomous.

And now we know it’ll be more luxurious than we originally thought.

Apple car render showing the front and side view

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Apple recently filed a couple of new patents for its new car, which is currently only known as ‘Project Titan‘.

One of the new patents concerns ‘adjustable tinting windows’.

According to the patent, the windows will be covered in several layers of tint.

This means the driver and passengers will likely be able to adjust window tinting on demand, depending on factors such as outside temperature and light.

Apple car screen render

In true Apple style, the company has thought of everything.

The Cupertino giant has also filed patents for the technology itself as well as for the materials required to implement it.

They have filed a total of nine patents regarding something known as ‘Guest-Host Liquid Crystal Device’.

This is basically the tint layer that will be used to adjust reflectivity.

Apple car render by Vanarama

Apple is keeping details under wraps so there’s a lot we don’t know yet.

However, we do know that a ‘Beta’ version of the car is expected by 2025, with production tentatively scheduled for 2026.

UK leasing company Vanarama has sketched some renders based on the existing patents and the result is interesting to say the least.

The company famously tries to keep everything in-house but this being its first car, a collaboration with an automaker is expected.

Hyundai, BMW, Daimler and Kia have all been linked to the project.

And the interior will be a tech fest.

There will be a massive touch screen spanning the length of the cabin – and it will run on iOS, of course.

There will also be iPads mounted on the car walls facilitating Facetime calls.

And the technology will never age because iOS would be updated remotely just like it is on your iPhone.

But the million-dollar question here is: how much will it cost?

The Apple car won’t be cheap, and it will likely be marketed in the same price bracket as the Tesla Model X and the newly-unveiled Sony Afeela EV.

We expect a price tag of around $100,000.

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