Corgi dogs cause fever before the Queen’s platinum ceremony

Images of Corgi dogs, the Queen’s favorite animal, appeared on the streets of London before the platinum ceremony commemorating the 70th anniversary of her reign.

Queen Elizabeth II is famous for her love of animals and loves Corgis, a short-legged dog breed with a cute appearance. The Queen is said to have kept more than 30 Corgi dogs during her reign. Corgi dogs are often present in the Queen’s photos and important events.

The Queen’s love for dogs has inspired many souvenir stalls in London ahead of the platinum jubilee of her 70th year on the throne. Retailers are selling souvenirs associated with the image of Corgi dogs such as paperweights, pillows, and clothes.

Corgi-shaped foods also get attention. Retailer Marks & Spencer launched a range of Corgi-shaped cakes such as cakes, pastries and gingerbread. Famous British tea brand PG Tips also launched a limited edition tea bag with a Corgi-shaped box.

Puppets based on past and present royal corgis will be part of a platinum jubilee pageant in London on Sunday. (Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP)

Corgi sculptures are also installed throughout the streets of central London. Buckingham Palace even released a “PJ the Corgi” winking emoji for social media users to use.

Refinery cafe in central London on May 29 also held a special event attracting owners to bring about 300 Corgi dogs here. The dogs are allowed to freely roam and sniff everything in the restaurant space. They are served free cookies and dog-friendly coffee.

Pug Cafe, the company that organized the event, even designated a “relaxation area” for older or shy dogs.

Hai chú chó Corgi đeo cờ Anh bên ngoài quán cà phê Refinery ở London, thủ đô Anh, ngày 29/5. Ảnh: Reuters.

“I think this is the right way to celebrate the platinum jubilee because the Queen loves Corgis so much,” said 58-year-old pilot Ian Middleton, with a Corgi named Barker in his hand. “This may be the Queen’s last big event, and also a way to say thank you to her.”

“I love Corgis because they are small but extremely sturdy, and I love hugging them,” Abbie Keane, 43, said, adding that she has a “passionate passion” for this breed. “This is the year Corgi fans can enjoy.”

The platinum ceremony commemorating the 70th anniversary of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II will last 4 days, from June 2 to June 5, including activities such as a concert and the military’s Trooping the Color parade. British royal team.

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