Collection of the Most Beautiful and Meaningful Lu Bu Tattoos

In addition to Trieu Tu Long, Guan Gong’s Lu Bu tattoo is also one of the most ordered tattoos in tattoo shops across the country. Many people choose the image of Lu Bu to tattoo their entire back. However, not everyone fully understands the symbolic meaning of Lu Bu. Therefore, in the article below, Sheis will provide and answer some information for readers.

Lu Bo, also known as Phung Tien, Lu Bo – a very famous character in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, was a famous watering star during the Eastern Han Dynasty. He was born into a well-off family, and in 189 he became a minister in Hanoi and accepted Dinh Nguyen as his father-in-law.


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Get this tattoo in places with the largest amount of skin on the body

There are many beautiful Lu Bo drawing models you can refer to and choose the most suitable model depending on the location. How to fully express the beauty, majesty of strength and physicality of the character Lu Bu:

Also a famous character in Romance of the Three Kingdoms – Diao Chan. The combination of Lu Bu and Dieu Chan creates a beautiful photo of a hero holding a sword walking alongside a beautiful woman with beauty like a thousand flowers, captivated by thousands of people, and with outstanding talent.
The tattoo recreates the martial arts scenes of two martial artists of the Three Kingdoms period, Lu Bu and Guan Yu, through the most realistic and heroic lines.
  • When getting a Lu Bu tattoo, you should make sure to choose an area of skin large enough for the tattoo you want. The best tattoo locations are always the back, chest, and abdomen.
  • In addition, the heel and ankle are human weaknesses, so when tattooed here, you will be attacked or played behind your back, affecting your reputation and career.
  • When getting a tattoo, you should not draw eyes on Lu Bu’s image. Because many people believe that eye tattoos will bring soul to the character. Thus, the owner will be invaded by this character’s soul and become another version of Lu Bu.
  • Lu Bo’s drawing is very large and has many details and complex colors, so to get the best look, you need to choose a tattoo location and a highly skilled and specialized tattoo artist. Make sure they perform the techniques well so that each line is expressed perfectly. At the same time, it also prevents the tattoo from being damaged or not colored properly.

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