99+ Beautiful, Mysterious Roman Numeral Tattoos That Many People Love

Roman numerals are not only numbers for calculation, but also a human civilization, a unique culture of the Middle East. Roman numbers are used a lot in writing letters, numbers, calculations and have also become Roman character tattoos that many people choose and love today.

Roman numbers are one of the characters that the ancient Romans created and converted into numbers. The purpose is to convention and measure time and determine the amount of wealth that kings and mandarins possess. Roman numbers were widely used in the Middle East from the 17th century onwards.

In addition, Roman numbers are also used to mark dates and important events in history, helping to determine the exact time that event took place around the world. Many archaeologists say that people have found these Roman numeral characters engraved on ancient clay objects, cliffs, caves, in tombs and even on fossilized mummies dating back to the past. thousands of years ago.

One of the beautiful Roman letter tattoo designs loved by young people

So it can be seen that since ancient times, people have known how to tattoo and tattoo Roman letters on their bodies as a way to mark their important and important times. Until today, in the era of science, technology, and modern civilization, Roman numeral tattoos are a way to beautify yourself full of human civilization and artistic aesthetics.

Before going into details about the meaning of beautiful Roman numeral tattoos , you need to understand and translate the letters that represent which numbers. Roman numerals are essentially letters in the Latin alphabet, each letter representing a number.

In which, the letter I represents the number (1), then 2, 3 letters I represent the numbers (2) and (3). The letter V is the number (5) and the letter X is the number (10). Accordingly, the letter I placed in front of V or X is understood to be 1 unit smaller than the number that follows. For example, IV means number (4), IX means number (9). On the contrary, if I goes behind V or X, the delegate is 1 unit larger. Specifically, VI is the number (6), VII is the number (7) and VIII is the number (8), XI is the number (11), XII is the number (12), XIII is the number (13), XIV is the number (15). ),… until the number 20 is XX.

Roman numbers always have extremely special and important meanings

Until the number 50 is L or C is (100), the letter X placed before L or C is understood to be less than 10 units (XC = 100 – 10 = 90). D is (500), M is (1,000), C is reserved

One of the things that Roman tattoos are always popular is because this is a “national tattoo” that anyone can get, regardless of gender, age, social class or religious differences. religion, culture.

In addition, Roman numeral tattoos also represent mystery because not everyone who looks at them can immediately understand the hidden meanings behind the numbers. This is what makes people curious when they look at it. Maybe you don’t know that in the past, when Roman numbers were created, only intellectuals, mandarins, and kings could learn and use them. Therefore, these seals are symbols of nobility, education and understanding.

Many people get Roman numeral tattoos not because they want to remember a special event, but simply because they appreciate and want to honor ancient civilizations. Wanting to let more people know how prosperous and glorious the ancient Roman empire was.

Roman tattoos are popular with people all over the world

You can choose to get a tattoo anywhere you want. Depending on your preferences, you want the image to be in a prominent, easy-to-observe position or you want to hide it through your outfit. Accordingly, some of the locations where Roman tattoos can be chosen are very popular today:

  • Roman numeral tattoo on finger

The finger is one of the locations that many people choose to get a Roman letter tattoo. Although the fingers are small, each number can be tattooed on each finger, distributed evenly, and when the fingers are folded together, a long row will appear. Or some people choose to tattoo a series of numbers on one finger but on the inside of the finger. Roman numbers will be a bit small but very beautiful and delicate.

Fingers with beautiful tattoos
  • Tattoo of numbers on wrist

Roman numeral tattoo on the wrist – this is the place where people often wear watches to receive reminders of the time. So if you need to tattoo a certain anniversary, choose a Roman numeral and tattoo it on the wrist. You will easily see each day, remind yourself of the big day as well as keep a mental note of that special event.

The wrist is a place that always reminds of important times
  • Roman letter tattoo on neck

It is not difficult to see that people often tattoo Roman numerals on the neck, especially the back of the neck. Selena Gomez – A famous female artist has a tattoo on the back of her neck that reads LXXVI, the year her mother was born. It lies close to her neck as an expression of affection and gratitude to the mother who has always loved her.

The neck is also chosen by many people for tattoos
  • Roman numeral tattoo on chest

The chest is a very important position, touching the human heart. That’s why many people choose to get a Roman numeral tattoo here, which is often related to a very special person in their life. It can be a father, a mother, a lover, a husband, a wife, a child, etc. This tattoo represents feelings of love, respect and always keep in mind. In addition, many people also tattoo an extremely important milestone to themselves on their chest such as birthdays, wedding days, etc.

Roman numeral tattoos on the chest are very beautiful and express respectful feelings

In addition to these positions, Roman numerals can be tattooed in many other positions, according to personal preference. Typically, shoulder blade tattoos, back shoulder tattoos, Roman numeral tattoos on the ribs, tattoos on the biceps, forearms, along the spine, etc. For each position, the tattoo artist will always be able to be creative with each pattern and length. short and different sizes, arranging the characters to ensure the most harmony.

Roman letter tattoos on the bicep are also very popular today

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Roman numerals, although simple, are drawn on the body in many different ways. And although the numbers may be the same, they have different meanings that only you can understand. Accordingly, some Roman numeral tattoo designs are popular with young people today that you can refer to to choose for yourself when in need:

Most wristwatches use Roman numerals to indicate hours and minutes. So what do you think about getting a large tattoo of a clock with Roman numerals on your wrist or back? In the middle of the tattoo is a flower or the name of a person you cherish. The long hand of time, the minute hand can be the wedding day, the day of birth, or some truly meaningful moment.

This tattoo design is not too simple but also not too complicated but very delicate and meaningful. This is also a way to express nostalgia for the past, appreciate what has passed and always look forward to a bright future ahead.

Very beautiful clock tattoo on hand

If you find the Roman characters too monotonous and lacking any emphasis, draw additional images around them to make the tattoo more beautiful, such as a compass with the directions east – west – south – north or an arrow. You should use stylized Roman font to make the tattoo more beautiful and meaningful. When choosing this tattoo, the tattooist will usually get it tattooed on their biceps, forearms, and shoulder blades to easily show off when wearing various types of clothing.

Roman numeral tattoo on bicep is extremely beautiful and artistic

Roman numeral tattoos 1997, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004,… usually represent the individual’s year of birth, and many people choose to have them tattooed on their bodies. In addition, the date of birth of the person you love, the person you cherish most in your life, will often be tattooed on your body with an abstract Roman numeral encoding.

Along with that is a heart shape to express your love. Many people also choose to tattoo directly on the chest, where the heart is, to express this. Couples who are about to get married and want to have a special mark on this important day can have their wedding date tattooed on their chest, or any other easily visible place to especially remember and remind them.

Numerical tattoos represent something meaningful about birth dates and important events

Roman warriors are always honored as people with absolute strength and courageous fighting spirit in ancient Roman arenas. That’s why many people choose to get a tattoo of a Roman warrior with a series of numbers, usually their birthday.

This is a reminder to always be resilient, try hard, overcome all difficulties and hardships and fight hard in life. This tattoo is popular with many men and is tattooed in places such as the arms, back, and large areas of skin that can show the tattoo in the most detailed and prominent way.

Tattoo designs are also popular among many men

For those who love luxury, purity, and always want the protection of superiors, you definitely cannot ignore this type of tattoo. Images of ancient Roman numbers and angels often bring a feeling of peace, protection and support in life.

In Western culture, the image of an angel is a symbol and a lucky charm. Reminding people to always be good and have more hope in life to overcome difficulties and negativity. You can choose the style of drawing angel wings, the image of a goddess or an angel baby,… along with a series of Roman numbers that are most important and meaningful to you.

Tattoo of numbers and angels

Roses symbolize love, passion, strong desire to live, and respectful feelings for someone. That’s why rose tattoos are often combined with a series of Roman numerals to create beautiful tattoos that are tattooed most often on the chest. The main meaning is the anniversary of marriage, wedding day, the first day we met. This is a way to express someone’s feelings for the other person as well as a lifelong vow.

Adding a rose tattoo adds value to the Roman numeral sequence. Can be applied to lovers, couples or close friends and confidants. Or another meaning is to remember the person who has passed away, even though they are no longer in life, the love and respect are still there, deeply engraved in the tattooed person’s body.

Roman letters and the rose symbol create a very meaningful tattoo

For those who follow religion, specifically Christianity and worship Jesus, tattooing the image of the cross is a way to express their faith. The image of the cross reminds people to always aim for positive things in life, to overcome their own pain in the past, challenges and difficulties in order to have a better life.

The cross and the Roman numerals tattooed next to each other remind of something important. It could be the day someone passes away so you can live a better life. Or the first day you meet the other half of your life, coming to you at a difficult time,… And whatever the meaning, it is still very beautiful, wonderful and worthy of respect.

Roman letters with cross symbol

Similar to feather tattoos, birds represent freedom and freedom, but always have an extremely strong desire to live. On the other hand, birds are also the connection between earth and sky, giving wings to dreams, flying high and flying further. That’s why many people choose to get a bird tattoo with Roman numerals to mark an important memory in life.

Number tattoo with bird symbol – A free and generous lifestyle

However, each species of bird has its own meanings and symbols. For example, if it is a swallow, it shows dedication and loyalty. The sparrow symbolizes simplicity, the goddess of love, always trying and working hard. The eagle is courageous, visionary and always has an eternal spirit. Or get a tattoo of a phoenix, a symbol of nobility, prosperity, etc.

Above is a summary of information about Roman numeral tattoos that are popular today. Hopefully you have gained the knowledge and chosen the right tattoo for yourself when the need arises.

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