60+ Praying Hands Tattoo Designs, Ideas

imgTattoo designs have much more to offer than just the looks. People look out for beautiful tattoo design themes, based on traditional and religious beliefs. The Praying hands tattoo is one of the popular specimens of this category. However, trends of tattoo designs are evolving and people often opt for tattoos marked with religious signs just for classy looks. Here too, innovation plays a critical role and people have a number of options to choose from. Scroll down to see ten elegant praying hands tattoo designs. You may also See Hand Tattoo

Cross With Praying Hands Tattoo

In this tattoo, a number of natural elements have been used. The key focus is on the cross and the praying hands at the bottom. The enriched caricature with black ink looks elegant. Trees, birds and several other objects of nature have been used in the tattoo.

cross with praying hands tattoo

Praying Hands With Rosary Tattoo Design

If you want to be a bit experimental with the praying hands tattoo design, you may add floral elements like rose to it. In this tattoo, the key focus lies on the praying hands. A beaded garland is entangled around it, and a cross is hanging from the garland. The pink rose looks bright and conspicuous at the bottom.

praying hands with rosary tattoo design

Praying Hands Tattoo Design on Shoulder

Shoulder tattoos are popular in different parts of the world. This particular design may make you look elegant, with a pair of praying hands and a cross. The fine intricate shades in the hand makes the design sleek. The cross hangs from a garland wrapped around the hand.


Praying Hands Sleeve Tattoo

In case you want to incorporate the element of abstract art in tattoo designs, try out this one. Here, the pair of praying hand has a dark, complex design in the centre. The cross hangs from the hand with a thread. These tattoos are ideal for the sleeves. You may also See Jesus Tattoo

praying hands tattoo design on shoulder

Praying Hands Tattoo on Neck

Neck tattoos are common among tattoo-lovers. To strike a change, go for a conspicuous pair of praying hands in the throat region. It is a delicate piece of art, with rich lines of ink and shows energy radiating from the pair of praying hands in all the directions.

praying hands sleeve tattoo

Small Praying Hands Tattoo

This particular tattoo design is ideal for the chest region. It is small and delicate, with sharp black lines and prominent edges. A semi-circular band of leaves mark the bottom of the tattoo. It is a simple yet beautiful style of incorporating tattoos above the heart.

praying hands tattoo on neck

Praying Hands Tattoo for Men

You may opt for this bright yet detailed tattoo for the arms. The pair of praying hands comes with two crosses. A large cross forms the background of the tattoo, while a smaller one hangs from the hands, dangling with a beaded thread.

small praying hands tattoo

When you opt for hand tattoo designs, make sure that the right shades are incorporated with the ink. You may consider the complexion of your skin before opting for a particular design. The thickness of the lines and the intricate detail also play a decisive role in the choice of tattoos. Choose the tattoos perfectly to streamline your fashionable looks.

praying hands tattoo for men

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