52 Sexy Ruby Rose Tattoos for Your Next Ink

1. The dog

Who doesn’t love a good dog tattoo? If you have a dog in your life that you love dearly, why not show your love with a tattoo?

"ruby-rose-tattoos"2. Before the sleeve

The same dog tattoo he loves before getting the sleeve. A great tattoo idea.

""3. Sexy slut

A sexy woman exactly like Ruby Rose herself. I love the blue hair and the band aid on his face.

""4. The detective

The detective from a popular television show is the perfect image to show that you are also a real badass.

""5. Sleeve Designs

There is a lot of inspiration here if you are looking for a manga design. There are a lot of colors here showing off some amazing works of art.


6. Great job

Another angle of his beautiful manga work. You can tell he put a lot of thought into the tattoos he got.


7. Multiple images

We have keys, cartoons and damn harsh words.


8. Work in progress

A great image of Ruby Rose finishing her manga. Sleeves can be time-consuming; you may want to do it piece by piece.


9. The tiger

The tiger design is bright and detailed, a cartoon image you’re sure to love.


10. Multiple sleeves

It has all kinds of images covering both arms.


11. Back Designs

The blue-haired woman and some quotes make up some of his back tattoos.


12. pigeons

He has a dove on his neck and looks pretty tough.


13. Hard bodies

His hard body is perfect for all of these amazing tattoo designs.


14. Chest tattoos

These cool chest card tattoos really highlight your skin.


15. Portraits

A woman’s face in her arms creates a great design.


16. Work of art

Another image of Ruby Rose fixing her sleeve. If you like the idea of making a manga, you will surely love these images.



“Run With Wild Horse” is a great quote. You can use that one or choose your own.


18. Abdomen designs

All of his tattoos look amazing and the tattoos on his abdomen peek out of his jeans in a cool way.


19. Great tattoos

A great image of his sleeve design with his awesome chest tattoo. You will surely love their tattoo designs, they are all very pretty.


20. Cartoon Images

Ruby Rose definitely loves her cartoon images and we can certainly agree when it comes to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles .


21. Great skin

The tattoos look great on her skin because she has that amazing white porcelain skin.


22. Finger Tattoos

Lust and Love are definitely powerful words and why not have them on your fingers where they can be easily seen.


23. sexy sleeves

Another example of her manga work and we can see another image of a woman. It has three portraits in total.


24. Great designs

A great example of his sleeve tattoos, they are all amazing.


25. Cartoons and quotes

These colorful tattoos look amazing on a sleeve and the quote is cool too.


26. Neck tattoo

A great neck design that is really sexy. It’s a great place to get a quote.


27. Words with meaning

Pick something that means something to you and use it as a quote.


28. Cartoon Tiger

A great tattoo design and it’s up close. Now we can see the tiger in more detail.


29. Tiger Sleeve

Another view of the tiger’s sleeve, the colors are impressive.


30. Symbols

Symbols make great tattoos because they look really cool. This one is also small enough to place anywhere.


31. Hearts with love

A great heart design thinking about love. It could be Ruby’s girlfriend or another important person in her life. Names are forever, so be careful when putting them on your body.


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