20+ Dragonfly Tattoos for Women in 2024

The 30 best dragonfly tattoos

1. Simple Dragonfly Tattoo


The small placement on the forearm and this tattoo are for guys or girls who prefer black and white ideas.

It represents your inner perfections and personality that can change and adapt at any given moment.

2. Small blue print dragonfly tattoo


Blue dragonflies are quite rare as a tattoo option. If you want to get something that is a little more colorful and you love artistic ideas, this will work for you.

Blᴜe is a color of mystical vibrations and intentions. It also represents the pure energy and power within you.

Did you know that dragonflies can live up to six months?

3. Small dragonfly tattoo in black ink


Girls who enjoy floral tattoos and feminine ideas will also enjoy this one. If you are someone who loves to look cute and artistic, you will enjoy this tattoo.

This is for optimistic girls and for those who are trying to find themselves at every opportunity and at every event.

4. Yellow Print Dragonfly Tattoo Design


If you want to add a pop of color to your tattoo and yellow is your favorite color, try this fun little idea. It’s artistic and colorful, perfect for anyone who needs to stand out.

This color on a dragonfly will symbolize that you are trying to embrace your wealth and enjoy your spiritual journey. You are also trying to achieve some type of financial success and wealth.

Fact: there are more than 5,000 species of dragonflies.

5. Small dragonfly tattoo


Those who love smaller tattoos and guys or girls who are afraid of the needle will enjoy this artistic idea. It will take you less than 2 to 3 hours to achieve this design.

It can symbolize your simple personality and the subtle change you are trying to enjoy and go through.

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6. Dragonfly tattoo on the back


Women who enjoy back tattoos and those who are afraid of the tattoo process will want this simple idea and something smaller on their skin. Back tattoos don’t hurt either, which is also great if you are a sensitive soul.

With these dragonfly wings, you will let the world know that you are ready for a new journey. Even if they are small, your dreams can still be big, right?

Did you know that dragonflies measure up to four inches long?

7. Dragonfly Tattoo Design on Forearm


Black is a common color choice when it comes to dragonfly tattoos. Place this tattoo on your forearm if you want a practical and common option.

Show that you are self-aware and ready to enjoy a new journey in your own quiet place.

8. Small Dragonfly Black Ink


Your chosen tattoo may also look like the best art school project. If you are someone who wants to get something different and kid-friendly, try it with this dragonfly.

It will show the world that you are still finding your roots and your path on your preferred route. There’s still a playful teenager in you, isn’t there?

Fact: Dragonflies were much larger 300 million years ago, but they have changed and adapted through evolution.

9. Bright Dragonfly Tattoo Idea


Not many people are comfortable wearing a lot of color. Where do you stand when it comes to your colorful tattoo ideas?

This blue dragonfly with a touch of yellow will show that you know how to stay calm in every situation. You are constantly evolving and learning new skills.

10. Dragonfly Tattoo on Back and Shoulder

Back or shoulder tattoos are beautiful and quite common among women who prefer smaller tattoos. This one will take you no more than 3 hours to achieve.

It will suit women who are afraid of the tattoo process. The final design will make you look like a warrior who can face any challenge.

Did you know that dragonflies have three stages in their life cycle?

11. Simple Small Dragonfly Tattoo Idea


This black outline tattoo is for women or men who want something quick and easy. It will take you less than two hours to place this tattoo.

It symbolizes your personality and any voids you need to fill. If you are still evolving and aware of your flaws, you will need this dragonfly.

12. Dragonfly tattoo on stomach


Side tattoos are for those who are not afraid of the tattooing process, as side stomach or chest tattoos can hurt. So head on as this will hurt.

Small dragonfly designs represent your minimalist side. If you are slowly making money and adapting to new life circumstances, this idea is for you.

In fact: dragonflies will spend most of their lives underwater.

13. Black Dragonfly Tattoo


Get a dragonfly and match it with your snake print. Those who love animals will see the beauty behind this concept.

This will show the world that you are always exploring and growing. You are open to new experiences and new opportunities in life.

14. Colorful and Loud Dragonfly Stomach Tattoo


How about experimenting with this beautiful and dramatic back tattoo? It is for those who enjoy a pop of color and women who are not afraid of bold colors.

This dragonfly with flowers will show your sensual side. You will come out as a daring and intense person, is that you?

Did you know that there are professional dragonfly hunters all over the world?

If you are someone who likes precision and loves geometry, this idea is for you! Combine your dragonfly with some mysterious elements and enjoy this design for your eye-catching self.

It will represent you as ambitious. You will look like a punctual boy or girl and always ahead of their time.

18. Blue Dragonfly Neck Tattoo


Do you want to add color to your back design? This back print is for attention-seeking girls, as well as those who know how to indulge in larger ideas.

Blᴜe is a color of prosperity and positive change. If you like extraordinary ideas, this image will help you. It means fᴜn and a shining foot that is ahead.

Did you know that the Blᴜe Dasher dragonfly is a summer species?

19. Tribal dragonfly tattoo with Mаndаlа prints


This is a wonderful and mysterious idea for anyone who is interested in geometry and exceptional prints that are bold and unique. If black is your favorite color, you will naturally gravitate towards this creation.

Once the tattoo is done, it will show your soul and your purity. You will let the world see you as a creative person who knows how to attract positivity and happiness into your life.

20. Dragonfly tattoo on arm


Black and white tattoo ideas and smaller pieces are for those who do not want to look overwhelming with their chosen piece. This is a quick and easy idea that will suit most guys or girls.

The end results will make you look like a realist. If you know how to adapt and adjust to each situation you will enjoy this dragonfly.

One fact: with the help of different scientists and a unique approach, dragonflies can become much larger.

21. Dragonfly tattoo on back and wrist


How about this forearm idea? It’s for anyone who likes medium sized tattoos and black and white prints. This is also an affordable concept.

Its wings will symbolize your willingness to fly and see the word. Enjoy all its advantages and develop as a person on your trip.

22. Gant’s Dragonfly Leg and Thigh Tattoo


Thigh tattoos will suit women who are thicker and who are proud of their curves and body. This print is sensual and sexy at the same time.

Blᴜe represents a positive and upcoming change. If you’re up for a challenge and aren’t afraid of being judged on your journey, you’ll want this concept or dragonfly on your skin.

Did you know that adult dragonflies only eat when they fly?

23. Small Dragonfly Tattoo


Tattoos on the arm or palm are only for those who are not afraid of this placement. If your job allows you to have this visible and spectacular idea, do it.

A small dragonfly is an indicator of any challenges you have managed to overcome. This concept will show the world that you are serious about your intentions and your dreams.

24. Watercolor Dragonfly Tattoo


If you are a color lover and someone who knows how to bring out color, you will want this cute dragonfly. Place it on your forearm as it will tell the story with its presence.

Colors like these will show the world that you are a complex girl who knows how to enjoy life. You are always incorporating and enjoying a new journey, right?

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