19+ Gorgeous Sage Green Nails To Inspire Your Next Mani

If you love gorgeous sage green nail designs then you’ll also love my list of 17+ sage green nails to inspire your next mani in 2024!

collage of hands with sage green nail polish and designs

Originally published December 3, 2022 – Updated December 12, 2023

Gorgeous Sage Green Nails

Sage green is such a calming, serene, and lovely earthy color. It conjures thoughts of nature, like the leaves of a eucalyptus plant or touches of green in a turquoise ocean.

This shade of green is one of my favorite pastels and it’s so versatile! As PopSugar puts it, “This color is light and airy, giving it the ability to moonlight as a neutral (while being more fun than your traditional nude.)

With that being said, it’s no wonder it’s such a likeable nail color, and I don’t see that stopping any time soon. Sage green nails are still going to be just as popular in 2024! So I’ve gathered tons of sage green nails inspiration to help you find the perfect pastel green mani to rock in the new year.

17+ Sage Green Nail Aesthetic Ideas

If you love the look of sage green nails and need some ideas for your next manicure, look no further. I’ve collected the most stunning sage green nail aesthetic ideas so you can choose the perfect look.

Acrylic Sage Nails

If acrylic nails are your go-to at the salon, then check out these gorgeous acrylic designs below that I absolutely adore.

1. Sage Green Acrylics with Gold Accents

hand with sage green and gold nail art

I’m starting off with these stunning multi-design nails. I love the classic look of the French tip using soft sage green instead of white. And the second design with sage green accents and gold line wave details makes this manicure so unique.

In my opinion, these nails are the perfect mix of business and pleasure, so these are an excellent option for a versatile look.

2. Matte Sage Acrylics with White Details

hand with matte sage green nail polish and white accents

This next manicure has a gorgeous matte finish over pastel sage green. I think these long nails look amazing as is, but the white line art adds an elevated touch to them.

I love that these could easily be recreated on any nail length or shape and is another look that can go from work to nightlife instantly.

3. Square Sage Green Acrylics with Leaf Art

hand with light sage green polish and white leaf accents

A similar manicure to the one above, this nail design uses delicate leaf art instead of line details. Botanical art is popular year-round, but this color paired with leaf details will have you ready for spring in 2024!

I love the sophisticated look of matte nails, and the bright white looks stunning against the sage green. This look with the white leaves is a great choice to show off your playful side while still keeping a minimal look.

4. Long Cat Eye Sage Green Acrylics

hand with cat eye sage green nail polish

Who doesn’t love a good glitter manicure? I know I do. And if you ask me, you can’t go wrong with the classic and fun look of a solid color enhanced by the shimmer of a glittery finish. This color is so gorgeous on its own, and the addition of the glitter adds a youthful vibe to it.

These sage green coffin nails can easily be worn anywhere, from an office meeting to date night or even a casual day out with friends.

5. Long Sage Nails with Floral Design

hand with long acrylic sage green nails with white flowers

Square nails are having a moment here as I have another gorgeous design featuring this nail shape. I love the combo of the square cut with the long nails, and this lovely sage green polish gives it a soft and feminine look.

Glamour magazine says “simple flowers look even cuter when done up in earthy tones.” And I totally agree! The tiny daisies on each nail add a subtle but charming touch which (in my opinion) makes this perfect for the laid-back girl who loves adorable floral details.

6. Long Matte Sage Nails with Leaf Texture

hand with long square matte sage green nails

This next manicure is beauty and elegance wrapped up into one. The pastel green with a matte finish is definitely a favorite look of mine, but the addition of the monotone leaf art takes this manicure to the next level.

I could see this easily getting compliments everywhere you go, from the grocery store to Sunday brunch.

7. High Gloss Dark Sage Green Nails

hand with square acrylic dark sage green polish nails

I love the look of a classic manicure using this gorgeous color. And I think this manicure is perfect if you want to wear beautiful sage green but want a simple, minimalist look.

In my experience, an extra glossy finish always adds a polished touch. The long nails, rich tone, and shiny finish make this manicure sleek and chic.

If you like the darker tone of these nails, don’t miss my list of forest green nail designs!

Sage Green Nails with Polish

If a manicure with nail polish is more in your wheelhouse, these next picks are for you. Take a look at these chic sage green manicures using nail polish.

8. Sage Green Nail Polish with Accent Nails

hand with light green and gold nail designs

This soft green looks so good with the nude and white tones it’s paired with. I love this manicure’s soft and dreamy look, while the accent nails add a playful touch.

If you love the clean girl aesthetic, I would definitely recommend these short sage green nails for you. Plus, the stylish design on the accent nails still shows off your fun-loving side.

9. Sage Green French Tips with Accent Nail

hand with sage green French tip nails

In my opinion, French tips are always a gorgeous go-to when it comes to nail designs. This rich tone of sage green is eye-catching and sure to get you more than a few compliments. I love the single solid-colored nail to add a fun variation to this classic look.

This manicure is fantastic if you want to bring more color into your look without having a complex design.

Is green nail polish on trend?

Yes, it is! In fact, in the last couple of years, I’ve seen the rise of the color green. From interior design to stylish outfits, green has become a go-to color for a chic aesthetic.

So, it should come as no surprise that green nail polish is also on trend. This stunning color can be warm and inviting or fun and vibrant, depending on the shade used.

I’m here for all of the green nail polish designs I’ve been seeing, and, despite being a spring color, sage green has definitely been in the spotlight all year and is really popular in the winter months too.

10. Sage Green Almond Nails with French Tip Accents

hand with sage green and neutral nail art

Here’s another stunning sage green nails aesthetic on classy almond nails. I think the green creates a soft and romantic look, while the two accent nails bring in a youthful and fun vibe that I am seriously obsessed with.

The white looks fantastic paired with the sage green, and I love the crisscross design that works as a French tip.

Sage Green Nail Designs

Do you love to try bold and unique nail art designs on your manicures? I’ve chosen lovely sage green nails with breathtaking designs you’ll definitely want to try.

11. Short Sage Green Nails with Leaf Art

two hands with sage green nail polish and leaf accents

I absolutely adore the look of this manicure. The addition of vibrant yellow looks incredible with the white and green polish. This leaf art is definitely a one of my top choices for any nature lovers who want a fun look with this beautiful shade of green.

You can also mix it up by adding the botanical designs on each hand, but either way, you’ll have a stunning manicure that others will envy.

12. Matte Sage Nails with Gold Geometric Design

hand with sage green and gold nail art

This manicure has a bold and playful feel to it. The matte sage green nails look chic, and the geometric patterns on each accent nail are perfect for showing off your daring and trend-setting personality.

I really love the warm bronze-like tone of the gold accents, but I suggest substituting the color for cool-toned silver if that’s more your style.

13. Geode Sage Green Nails with Gold Flake Accents

hand with short sage green marble nail designs with gold accents

As Byrdie says, “Some beauty touches instantly make a look more glamourous […] And we’re officially adding gold foil nail flakes to that list.” I love gold flakes, and I’ve found that they’re an easy way to upgrade any mani.

This one-of-a-kind nail design looks so luxurious and vibrant. I am in love with the marbled look of these nails (so elegant!), and the rough gold edges make it look like a gorgeous geode.

The sage green has a soothing feel, and the gold accents add a chic touch. This would be my first pick for a beautiful and unique nail design.

14. Sage Green Nails with Leopard Details

hands with sage green and leopard nail art

I’ve found that animal print is always a great choice to add a playful touch to any look. Plus, this print goes well with the sage green nails aesthetic. The hue is so stunning, and the animal print’s dark brown and beige tones add an earthy and wild vibe that I adore.

I think the classy almond shape complements the bold nail art here, and this design would also look great on longer nails.

What can I wear with green nails?

Green nails can be worn with so many looks. Some of the best colors to wear with green nails include neutral tones, like white, black, and beige, along with metallic colors like gold and silver. In my experience, these color combinations have a clean, polished look that you can’t go wrong with.

However, if you want a daring or edgy look, I recommend pairing sage green with bold and bright colors. You can also easily pair green with vibrant shades, like pink, blue, purple, and yellow.

Since sage green is a pastel tone, other pastels pair well with it. So try dusty pink, baby blue, or a stunning lilac for a fun look. I also suggest pairing this color with yellow, which adds brightness to the sage green and creates a youthful vibe I can’t get enough of.

15. Single Line Art Sage Green Nails

two hands with sage green and neutral nail polish and leaf accents

I cannot get over how breathtaking this next manicure is – talk about perfect sage green nails aesthetic! The white and grey polish pairs perfectly with the delicate sage green, and the single-line art and other details add a creative touch.

If you love a daring and artistic look, this manicure is definitely the one I recommend for you. You can easily add more accent nails if you really love the nail art, or leave it as is for a gorgeous look.

16. Negative Space Sage Nails with Gold Flecks

hand with short sage green and gold nails

One of my favorites on this whole list is this negative space manicure. I love the adventurous look of these nails and how they still have an elegant feel even with the bold design.

If you ask me, gold is a perfect color to complement the sage green, and the flakes add even more to the playful vibe here.

17. Gradient Sage Winter Nails

image of a hand with gradient sage green nails with white winter designs

I think sage is such a perfect color for the winter season and these holiday-inspired sage nails are so cute! They include a beautiful gradient of sage shades including light sage and darker sage, along with cute reindeer nail art!

18. Chrome Sage Nails

image of a hand with long almond-shaped chrome sage green nails

Chrome nails were a huge trend in 2023, and according to Harper’s Bazaar, the trend will be continuing into 2024. These light sage green almond nails with a chrome finish are so elegant and modern!

To recreate this look, start with a light sage green polish, then finish with a pearl chrome dip powder brushed over the nails.

19. Sage and Natural Nails with White Lines

and image of a hand with sage green nail polish, natural nail spaces, and white line designs

These stunning nails are giving major “clean girl aesthetic”, in my opinion. I think this manicure would be perfect for Spring when you want a fresh look that’s both elegant and modern.

20. Neutral and Sage Green Speckled Nails

hand with speckled sage green and taupe nails

And last but obviously not least, I have another stunning sage green nails aesthetic mani! The detailed leaf art elevates the look completely, and the small accents of black and gold add effortless style to the nails.

This stylish sage green and white manicure would look great anywhere. They’re gorgeous and elegant enough to wear at the office, at a wedding, or on your next vacation.

I love these sage green nail designs for their fun vibe and gorgeous aesthetic. If you’re looking to try sage green nails, any of these serve as perfect inspiration.

You can choose the look that is most beautiful to you or mix it up with a design that you normally wouldn’t go for. Either way, you’re sure to look stunning and chic while sporting any of these designs!

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